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andrew samplawski

Since 2010, Andrew Samplawski Photography has photographed over 200+ weddings in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Florida, and Las Vegas.  Since 2012, Andrew Samplawski Photography as been photographing destination weddings nation and worldwide.
Eau Claire, WI Photographer
With two offices located in Eau Claire, WI and St Cloud, MN, I am able to share my creative style and essence in wedding photography that separates Andrew Samplawski Photography from other average wedding photographers.  Our highly sought after reputation for bad ass wedding and unique & different portrait photography studio is not the average photography studio.  With a special creative style and incredible experience I was honored and privilege to be a multi-award winning wedding photographer and published in numerous highly rated magazines and blogs.  Authentic memories are created through imagery and innovation just for you.
Eau Claire, WI Photographer
When I’m asked about the style of our wedding and portrait photography studio, I always like to push the limits because the sky is the limit. I’m all about giving you an experience, and that experience is nothing but the best of the best.  When I say that, I mean that.  With over 90+ reviews online, a consistent5-star rating, I will strive to make our relationship a 5-star service. With a highly reputable and sought after reputation, I will treat you just like a part of my own family. Just like yourself, you expect high-quality products, bad ass photography, and nothing but amazing service with your imagery reflecting your personality and something that’s unique to you.  My photography is not the cookie cutter or Pinterest style and I don’t stand behind the camera and instruct everyone to “Say Cheese”… instead, I will instruct everyone to say “WHISKEY!” haha. Granted my home base is Wisconsin, my real home base is here on Earth wherever you want me to go.

About Andrew

Andrew is the CEO of ARS Ventures, Inc. and lead photographer Andrew Samplawski Photography.  Andrew is the founder of Samplawski Photography which was established in 2008. In 2014, Andrew founded ARS Ventures, Inc and rebranded to Andrew Samplawski Photography. Today, Andrew works closely with the entire Andrew Samplawski Photography team to make your experience with ASP memorable. When he says he can “make magic happen”, there is always a way Andrew can get things done that one would never think is possible. Andrew is an award winning wedding photographer who has been published in local magazines such as Beginning’s Bridal Magazine, HER Impressions magazine, Duluth Wedding Magazine, along with national publications such as Shutter Magazine. Andrew has won numerous awards for wedding photography locally as well as at the national level.
Eau Claire, WI Photographer
Andrew has positive energy and talent to make any wedding day a great one. HIGH ENERGY, CREATIVE, BAD ASS, DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, FUN, CANDIDS; those words give clients, wedding parties and families a reason to talk about your wedding day because everyone talks about how much they “hate pictures”… well if you have to experience it for yourself… CONTACT ANDREW NOW on our website, or give him a call 715-289-3773!

Behind the Scenes

We have an incredible team behind the scenes that you unfortunately will usually not always have the chance to meet. Tyler, Jeff, Jenelle, Alberto, Brandon and Lindsay are all our behind the scenes team members that help with behind the scenes activities that we all usually forget about. These individuals are absolutely amazing because they help take care of the work so I can focus on the number one… YOU!!