Glensheen Mansion Wedding, Andrew Samplawski Photography

Matt & Dixie | Glensheen Mansion Wedding

 Glensheen Mansion Wedding, Andrew Samplawski Photography

Matt and Dixie were married on July 15th, with a ceremony and reception at Glensheen Mansion.

On the day of the wedding, my second shooter, Jeff, and I started out at Beacon Pointe, where Dixie was getting ready. Once I’d captured a few details and Dixie was prepped with her hair and makeup done, we went to Leif Erickson Park and the rose garden for the first look between Matt and Dixie. The look on Matt’s face as he saw Dixie for the first time in her gorgeous designer dress and cathedral-length veil is something I will never forget. Read more

Top Tips for Senior Photos!


Top Tips for a Sensational Senior Photo Session by Andrew Samplawski Photography

It’s completely normal to feel a little awkward when taking senior portraits. Many seniors tend to feel self-conscious about their appearance because they feel uncomfortable taking photos on their own.

Below are our top five tips for taking on your senior portrait with grace and confidence and leaving with photos that you will love for years to come.

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How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer


How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer

  • What you need to consider before you pay that photography deposit.
  • If you’ve started the search for a photographer then you’ll know just how many options there are.
  • Before you go ahead and book a professional photographer for a shoot though, there are a couple important things to consider.

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10 Times You Might Lose Your Sh*t During Wedding Planning

If you’re deep in the throes of wedding planning – feeling like your sanity is hanging on by a thread – listen carefully. Put down the glue gun. Step away from the spreadsheets, and take a nice DEEP breath. There’s no doubt planning this day comes with a large dose of stress, but remember – you’re not alone. We’re sharing 12 of the most common reasons brides-to-be (understandably) lose their cool leading up to their wedding day.

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Trendy or Traditional? Which way should you go?

TRENDY or Traditional: Which one are you??

To help simplify things, lets place wedding services in two basic categories: trendy or traditional. Trendy weddings feature all of the hottest and latest themes, styles, and pop from today’s wedding industry. Traditional on the other hand follows all of the standards that were set over generations. Trendy weddings will get your guests talking and make a memorable impression. Traditional weddings are timeless events that pay homage to our heritage and age well in photos and videos.

So… which type of wedding should you have?

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Bridal Shower Games | Little Fun with your friends and family



Sometimes we aren’t sure what will please a lot of friends and family… I saw this blog post and thought to share especially with the holidays coming up. Not necessarily just for bridal showers… but why not play with friends and family just by mixing it up and creating the games rules to be a little different or even this summer at a picnic or family function!

Worried about finding entertaining games for the bridal shower you’re hosting? Fear not! These simple games are easy and will put your guests at ease.



Mistakes to Avoid during Wedding Planning

Day in and day out wedding planning can be fun…who doesn’t like the idea of helping two people in love, plan the celebration of a life time. Typically I witness wedding planning being done by friends who are completely new to wedding planning; Most have never had to plan a something outside of a bachelorette party or a bridal shower, etc. It’s no easy task to navigate, so I have pulled together 5 tips that will help wedding planners get through some of the common hiccups in the planning process.

Mistakes are bound to happen – Some can unfortunately be quite costly, but most can be avoided! I have listed one of my own suggestions, as well as a few others here, but feel free to visit the link below for the whole list!

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Class of 2017 High School Seniors


// Class of 2017 High School Seniors \\

Andrew Samplawski Photography is booking High School Senior Pictures now!!

Do YOU want a fun experience capturing unique, creative, one-of-a-kind, bad ass senior portraits?

Well… you are at the right spot! Grab your prom dress, your football gear, your favorite pair of kicks or your favorite sundress & let’s go make YOUR PERSONALITY shine!

Call the studio at 715-289-3773 or email us by clicking here!

I will provide great tips, helpful suggestions, and insider secrets to make your senior pictures, more than senior pictures; I’ll make it an experience to remember!

Ask about our senior SPORTS EXTREME wall art (the wall art below) when you call!

Follow Andrew Samplawski Photography on Facebook and on Instagram at andrewsamplawski to see more behind the scenes photos!


St Michael Prom Pictures

I had an absolute blast today with these three awesome couples… St Michael Prom is happening! Takes me back to the glory days of when you huddle up with friends, grab a limo or tractor, and ride on in to school for a good time & tear up the dance floor all night. I had to send over a little behind the scenes action from today’s shoot before these gorgeous couples head off to dinner and dance!!

It was a great day, a bit windy for the dresses & up-dos, but a ton of fun was had just a few hours ago with friends and family watching in on their spotlight session today in St Michael, MN.

Take a look! Follow me on Facebook at Andrew Samplawski Photography and on Instagram at @andrewsamplawski to see more amazingness!!


Now booking High School Senior Pictures for Class of 2017! Call now to book… 715.289.3773 or email at – limited space available…. do not wait!








EXTREME Sports | Andrew Samplawski Photography


EXTREME SPORTS with Andrew Samplawski Photography is in full swing!

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