2011 Portrait Photographer

Cadott, Wisconsin by Samplawski Photographer

It’s that time of year my friends!

Christmas is here and the New Year is coming upon all of us…

It’s that time of year I’m starting to see the “2011 Reviews” like you see on the front of magazines and newspapers. The New Year only 2 WEEKS and 3 DAYS away!

I’m even starting to look back through all of the family portrait sessions, wedding portraits, children photography sessions, newborn sessions and Senior Portrait Sessions. It’s amazing what accomplishments we have made this year here at the studio and what is to come next year in 2012!

A lot of you guys look back at your year and see what you have done to your home, where you moved from and to, how big the kids are getting and the things they have learned. It’s crazy because I see the children currently outside of Samplawski Photography studio and I feel like I’m so OLD! Yes… “Dang, you are getting big compared to when I did your newborn portraits!” I love my job as a photographer to see growth, love and family.

Christmas cards are rolling through the doors from clients and future clients. It’s truly a beautiful thing to sit down and look back to what we have had in the past year and to where they are now today. Even designing each Family Portrait Christmas card over the past 3 weeks I see the amazing joy from all of the families I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

For those that follow me notice that I haven’t posted a lot of portraits and updated things on the Samplawski Photography website, Samplawski Photography blog, and Samplawski Photography Facebook page. Well that’s my New Year’s resolution I think to show off more of my work and YOUR images. Time gets away from me and it’s only me.