Photo Booth + Wedding Photography = Samplawski Photography

Something very exciting for us… we have announced our “Outside the Box” photo booth this week! It’s something we are adding to our studio. Check it out on our website too!

Little bit about our booth that separates us from everyone else is that we don’t have walls! With the walls not stopping from guests getting in the picture, it creates some great jazz! More people, more props, more crazy faces, creative poses and your event will rank the “FUNNEST OF THE YEAR”. Our photo booth can accommodate any venue or space provide a classic backdrop with some creative props that are available.

We have fun interacting with your guest to provide some great fun and you get to keep all of the images on a CD with print release! Along with that you get online viewing at your personal website and online ordering for your guests. All the pictures from the photo booth are available for viewing no later than 4 days from your event so you can laugh about the crazy fun that your guests had from this fun booth.

Any event can have a booth… any event can have your guests on their feet, dressing up and making crazy funny faces with some spectacular memories!

You may ask…

Should my event have a booth?

OF COURSE! Because it will be the talk for days, months and years because people will remember the fun they had. You can choose the props you put in the booth and customize it personally. It’s very economically cost friendly because you will not have to spend any additional money on entertainment if you don’t want too. A boom box, some props, a lot of party guests, and our photo booth… TA DA! You have your event set for the night. Let us do all the set up and run the whole thing. You do not have to worry about anything!

Birthday parties, Corporate parties, Housewarming Parties, Bachelor parties, Bachelorette Parties, Christmas Parties, Football Game Day Parties, Graduation Parties, Holiday Celebrations, and the list goes on!

Packages start at $495 and any amount of hours!!! It’s reasonable and well worth it… we will tell you that your parties in the future will definitely be hard to beat when you book our photo booth!

If you have any questions, please call us at 715.289.3773 or email us from our website.

Leave us some love about our “Outside The Box” photo booth!!

Happy Tuesday!