New Metal Prints, Awesome Photos on Metal

Hey Friends and Fans!!

We have got some awesome news this afternoon…

NEW NEWS to you because you can have new wall art!!

We already create amazing images but we are adding a new product to our lineup!!

Metal prints with stunning Standoff Posts…

It adds to your metal print to show a modern look to your walls with your portraits. Metal prints mix with any decor and style.


Along with all of our amazing products we have some amazing other products such as our Popular by Demand by Seniors, our Novelty License Plates along with some beautiful Standouts with edging from maple to aluminum and our amazing float wraps that appear, just that “floating on the wall”.

Just a reminder to our friends and fans of Samplawski Photography here… If you haven’t booked your Fall family portrait session, please do it now! We are asking you to book now so we can schedule a date to spend with your family as our dates this fall are booking up.

Call now…. 715-289-3773 is our hotline to reach us!