The Engagement: Cassandra and Jason + Eau Claire Wedding Photographer, Samplawski Photography

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours cruising around the City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin with Cassandra and Jason: laughing, joking and doing what they do best, loving. This couple is truly amazing with the love for each other, there’s no room in between them because their hearts are so big!

This couple came to me knowing exactly what they want with some beautiful ideas and plans in store that it’s very exciting and honoring to be a part of their day in August. I’m really looking forward to it.

This couple had met during Cassandra’s internship in the summer of 2010 and one day she found a note from a “secret admirer” on her car. From there… things went up hill for the both of them as their relationship flourished.

Cassandra wasn’t sure who the author was of the note until the feelings became apparent to the both of them when Jason called upon Cassandra to sub in for a couple volleyball games. With some time on the phone and driving, Cassandra and Jason grew closer together and on the official first date where Jason popped the question, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

With many memories together, Cassandra and Jason got approval from each other’s family and friends. From then on, they continued to live, laugh and love during their life together.

Between work and holiday stress, they both decided they needed a vacation. Mexico bound they were with each other to enjoy some R and R.

After some time spent on the beach and relaxing, they have schedule a fancy dinner and show one of their nights in Mexico. It’ wasn’t only a fancy dinner and show night… it was a night Jason popped the question when Cassandra was getting ready in the hotel room.

As he knelt down on one knee, with Cassandra’s grandmother Eaton’s ring, his breath was taken away as he fumbled over words to ask, “Will you marry me?” As tears appeared, Cassandra of course said yes. They enjoyed the remaining of their trip knowing they are just being their journey of life, together.

Not only is this girl beautiful, Cassandra is one lucky girl to celebrate again in Wisconsin.

Valentine’s day they returned back from their vacation in Mexico, and were celebrating the special day with Cassandra’s parents for the Valentine’s Day Party. As she was putting the final touches on her makeup, Jason arrived home from running an “errand”.

When he arrived home, Jason escorted Cassandra to a special place in their apartment for a special surprise.

Even more nervous the second time, Jason had written out on a post it note to make sure he wouldn’t miss any important words this time as he began his second proposal.

For Cassandra, the second proposal was even sweeter than the first as Jason fumbled over every word.


A beautiful story of Cassandra and Jason that we wanted to share with all of you in preparation for the their wedding day. We are very excited to witness some “fumbling” words and words of true love.

Eaton Engagement video

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