Hiring a Wedding Photographer – “You get what you pay for”

Have you recently gotten engaged and now are starting your wedding planning? Overwhelmed already… it’s the fun and yet stressful part of planning. You are making your day just what you envisioned it to be.

We know you have a lot of options out there for wedding photographers. Those options are important because every photographer is different for one reason, there is never a duplicate of that one photographer.

Photographers can make or break your wedding day because they are one of the most important parts. You ask why? Angela from Eventful Occasions has shared on her blog a few suggestion about important vendor, take a look here! In 5 years, without looking back, most people forget what they last year nonetheless 5 years ago especially when it comes to eating food, dancing to songs, details on your wedding cake, etc. Well your photography is what’s left because those detail shots are what you have after your wedding day.

We hear a lot when we go to bridal shows of what couples are looking for and when we are working on a wedding and guests ask us about our equipment. We in turn ask them who their photographer is because we have the opportunity to network with over a hundred local vendors and it’s always nice to see other photographer’s work. “Oh our friend’s friend is going to photograph our wedding because he/she has a nice camera” says the newly engaged, soon to be bride.

There honestly is nothing wrong with friends doing your wedding photography especially when budgets are tight. Samplawski Photography does understand budgets are tight now days and we get asked, “If we can’t afford our wedding, why are we getting married?” Well unfortunately, I can’t answer that for the couple. My question is “What bride does not want a beautiful, elegant wedding whether it’s simple and elegant or over the top and beautiful?” Everyone does.

When it comes to photography, that is one area you should not skimp on from a personal suggestion – and of course a business suggestion! Not only are you spending $10,000+ on your wedding day, but photography is an area where you have one chance to make it right. You want to invest in something you are going to love: a photographer that’s going to share your images with you in a timely manner, something you can pass on in your family such as a wedding book of your wedding, and a photographer you enjoy being around as a person.

Price isn’t always the answer but in today’s world, it is. “You get what you pay for”, how many times have you heard that saying? It’s true in all aspects of life because when you compare two brands or two items with different names, there is almost always a difference in quality. When it comes to photography, you want to go with the better quality to make your images last.

A lot of new photographers offer CDs to their clients just to get started in building their portfolio. Nationally, CDs have flooded the market to give wedding couples control of their wedding images and hear all the time at conferences, webinars or podcasts that couples want the CD but don’t release what they are missing out on. Over the past 3 years, we have had brides coming back to us for family sessions after their wedding. I always enjoy asking if they have looked at their wedding pictures to know today’s society of how many people do. The answer I most of the time get, “We wish we would have spent the money on actual professional prints rather than spending the money on the CD. We were not thinking and Andy you were right. We spent more money in getting pictures reprinted than we should have to purchase them from you.” Paper discolors, edges and corners curl up and the paper starts to crumble. The photo printing kiosks don’t offer quality paper and quality printing ink. “You get what you pay for” comes back to mind.

How do you want to spend your money? Invest in something you will love and enjoy for the rest of your lives together without regrets & always remember, “You get what you pay for.”