Wedding Trends for 2013

I have had the opportunity to watch many trends happen over the passed 5 years of being in the wedding industry particularly working with brides and grooms. Working with our clients on a one-to-one base to find out what they are looking for in their photography is huge.

A few trends I wanted to share with you today is the Top 10 Wedding Songs we see along with Top 10 Wedding Color Schemes! has shared these songs as well and wanted to share with all of you that we have noticed them too here in the Midwest!

Top 10 Wedding Color Schemes – wedding colors are important for your wedding day because it brings life to the whole wedding day. It’s the color that sets the mood for your Big Day that you have spent a lot of time and money on. Colors make your pictures pop and guests love how beautiful your wedding day looks.

1. Blush + Gray

2. Lavendar + Mint

3. Teal + Beige

4. Nectarine + Neon Pink

5. Chocolate + Sunflower Yellow

6. Emerald + Navy Blue

7. Poppy Red + Black

8. Pink + Champagne Gold

9. White + Blueberry

10. Plum + Silver

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