Post Enhancements 2013 + Samplawski Photography

As many of us know, wedding days are fun and exciting!

Wedding pictures are the part that you have after a wedding day and sometimes can be dreaded or they can be fun. Here at Samplawski Photography, we are the fun photographers that just don’t stand behind the camera like some photographers do. We seperate ourselves by a lot of different ways. This don’t only go for our weddings, we have fun with our family portraits and our senior portraits.

One of our ways we seperate ourselves from the photographer down the street is by our image enhancements. We all know that photographers show their best work but never show the behind-the-scenes should I say.

This morning while making my way around the countryside, early morning fog had me excited to show you a little before and after enhancements.

Here at Samplawski Photography, our staff does a lot of the enhancements. I do most of the work with Alberto helping out… we do not export our images to other photographers to work on outside of our studio. It’s done in house and that’s the way we like it. We like to keep it internally to know our images follow our style and they aren’t going to lost or mixed up with another session.

Our wedding enhancements take the most time because we take a lot of pictures the day of. Working with 20+ individuals during the bridal party pictures is surely fun! Tons of different personalities keep us rolling because we have just as much fun as everyone else. The lip licking, shut eyes, looking at the UFO in the sky, itching that ear or just needing to make a move – those pictures never make the cut for the final images. We narrow our images down for our clients to make it easier for them so they don’t have to sort through 2000+ images like we do. Our clients get to see hundreds of images and I see it to be very overwhelming seeing hundreds, nonetheless thousands. We do the hard work of getting rid of those images to make our client’s job easier when it comes to picking out pictures for their friends and family along with those images that go in the wedding book.

We do just the same with our families and seniors. We narrow images down when we take a lot of images because of the blinking eyes and “fly away wings” of windblown hair. It makes life easier all in all as a family photographer and senior photographer.

During image enhancements, we make sure all eyes are open – motion blur is absent or very minimal and that we know our clients will love the image. We then enhance the image using Photoshop and other photography editing programs. We go through every single image and make sure it’s just right matching our style.

We then enhance to make it perfect covering up the blemishes and just making sure the image is “picture perfect” to hang on the wall or to put in a book.

Here are a few images captured and created this morning – BEFORE is straight from the camera and AFTER is the final “picture perfect” image.

Wintery Scene


Winter River

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of behind the scene showing you some before and after image enhancements.

Happy Spring!