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Good morning!!

We all love Wisconsin winters… don’t we? That’s why we live here.

If you are out and about traveling… please do so safe.

On the blog this morning I wanted to share something new coming this year in 2013!

We are excited to be offering cluster and groupings of our metal prints as well as our gallery canvas wraps this year to our clients to share your images with friends and family!

When we meet with our wedding clients as well as our high school seniors, we always share what our products are and what sizing options are available. We work with our clients to get exactly what they are looking for to hang on their wall to make their walls look beautiful.

We have a lot of clients request 8x10s because they are the most popular size. They are a great picture size and frames are easy to find especially when our clients gift them out to parents, grandparents, etc. When we compare 8×10 to a 20×30 size, it makes a large difference when hanging the large wall portrait on the wall. Our clients usually choose the 20×30 size wall portrait because they can see the image from across the room. Their guests don’t have to walk across the room to look at the small images such as the 8×10 hanging on the wall.

We enjoy working with our clients showing them the different sizes and usually our clients love the groupings we put together for them. Check out some of the groupings below to see some of the options we can create. These images are some new groupings release from our vendors to share with you.

Which wall grouping do you like?

Give us a call today to schedule your wedding, senior or family portrait session with us! We can make your walls look amazing with any of our products! 715.289.3773

Have an awesome day!


CG groupings 2

CG groupings 3

CG groupings1

CG groupings4

CG groupings5

CG groupings6

CG groupings7

CG groupings8

CG groupings1

CG groupings9

CG groupings10

CG groupings11

CG groupings12

CG groupings13

CG groupings14

CG groupings15

CG groupings16