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It’s wedding day for two beautiful people today in St. Cloud, MN.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for 4 years now in St. Cloud as a paramedic. We have many great memories together along with some fun talks in our 4 years. One night she introduced me to Molly and I was excited for them both. Molly is beautiful with a personality of one of a kind.

When she told me she was going to be getting married to Molly, I was very excited for the both of them. Then Sarah asked if we could meet with them to talk about their wedding and photography.

We met one evening at their house and we had a blast. A lot of great ideas shared and some questions for those who have never done it before.

During their engagement session I saw the connect these two beautiful girls had. They show their love to each other and it was amazing.

These two will rock their wedding day today.

Story behind these two… 

These two first met at the Red Carpet in St. Cloud, Minnesota at the St. Cloud Pride Fest. Sarah said “Molly was strutting around like she owned the place” which they laughed about and Molly said, “I went up to her and she was rude to me so I walked away. She then later decided to by me a drink. Then the rest was history!”

When asked how you know she was the one, Molly said, “After our first fight in Vegas that’s when I told her I loved her”. Sarah said, “I saw her first and she was on my radar from the start.”

Both of them shared their sides of the proposal. This is their story combined.

“It was our second anniversary, we were watching a movie at home, on the living room floor on the blow up mattress. Sarah asked Molly if there was anything else she wanted for our anniversary. Molly replied, “I asked her to clean out a kitchen cupboard for me.” Sarah then said well I thought what you wanted may look more like this. She pulled out the ring, Molly was totally surprised. Molly took the ring, put it on and then finally said ‘yes’!” 

Besides getting married, one thing these two are looking forward to on the wedding day; Sarah said “looking forward to just relaxing and having a good time.” Molly said “I’m looking forward to the first dance”

Today is the day these two become committed to one another.

I’m very honored and excited to be a part of these girls journey together as one.

Take a look at their engagement pictures Molly & Sarah.

Congratulations Molly & Sarah!

See you this afternoon!