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It’s WEDDING DAY for one of our amazing couples!

We are excited to be working with an awesome couple, Elizabeth & Keith this weekend for their wedding.

Take a look images from their engagement session by clicking here… Elizabeth & Keith engagement slideshow

We always like to hear the story of our couples of how they met, their journeys, and other things they are willing to share. We ask each one of them to fill out a small questionnaire so we are able to understand them a little bit more. Take a look to see what they have to share with us as well as their friends and family!

Elizabeth & Keith / Our Story 

When we asked the couple how they first met – here each side of their stories!

Elizabeth said, “We lived in the same dorm hall our freshman and sophomore years. I’d seen Keith around and had such a crush on him!! Eventually we talked in the computer lab in our hall, around the end of the first semester. Apparently he had been asking about me, which I just found out recently. But we started hanging out, we had a mutual love of the comedian Mitch Hedberg so we would often watch his clips on YouTube. We started hanging out more and more, but then summer came and we didn’t talk much over the break. When we came back to school for sophomore year we were both dating someone else, but we still went on “friend dates”. We remained friends throughout the years and both dated other people on and off, and whichever of us was single at the time would try to convince the other one to break up with their bf/gf and date us instead. Which never worked. Senior year I had eventually bugged Keith enough that he took me out on a lunch date which turned into running errands. Not very romantic but I didn’t care. We had fun and hung out again the next weekend, when we had our second first kiss and the rest is history.”

Keith said, “We lived in the same dorm building our freshmen year of college. I would see her walking with her friends all of the time and I would just say hello to her and them. I was attracted to her immediately. She had the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. We didn’t talk to each other at all during that first semester but we definitely noticed each other. One night during our second semester I was drinking and told one of her friends I had a crush on her. Her friend said she was going to tell Elizabeth about it. I was nervous because I did not want my secret to be known. The next day I was in the computer lab and she came in to do some homework. I thought her friend had told her what I had said (she didn’t) so I started talking to her. I helped her with her homework and we started hanging out more after that.”

When asked how did you know he/she was the one – this is what they had to share! 

Elizabeth said jokingly, “I love kids and so does Keith. One of the things that attracted me to him originally was that he worked with preschoolers. Anyway, we met up on campus one day senior year and there was a group of little kids walking around. Keith turned to me and said, “Oh my gosh, they are so cute! Let’s steal one.” This was something that I would say, word-for-word to my friends anytime I saw a little kid! So that’s how I knew he was the one for me.

Keith said, “I knew I loved her when I went to meet her whole family for the first time. I was driving, she was riding shotgun, and her 7 year old niece was in the back. Elizabeth asked her about school and was very attentive to her the entire time. I thought that was pretty special because most people I know would just have let their niece sit back there and not talk. Elizabeth was truly interested in what this 7 year old had to say. I fell in love right then and there. I loved her because I saw how good of a mother she will be someday.”

When asked to share the story of the proposal, Elizabeth looked at Keith and his side was great! Here’s what they each had to share… 

Elizabeth said, “I did see it coming, I knew that he had bought a ring in April. We were going on vacation to Denver in August, and he kept telling me how it was going to be the best trip of my live. But I didn’t know exactly where or when or how. I was excited and shaking and I cried a lot. I called my parents right away, but they already knew of course because he had asked for their permission.”

Keith said, “I am pretty sure she knew it was coming. I told her I bought the ring but not when or where I was going to propose. I knew the second I got her the ring how I was going to propose. So it was 4 months in the making. After my two weeks of Army training in August of 2012, Elizabeth and I rode tripped to Colorado. We hiked to the top of a mountain and I proposed to her at sunset. It was rainy and a little cold. I was so nervous. I did not know why because I had practiced my speech over and over again. I thought I was prepared but I was a little nervous (which is odd because I knew she would say yes). I said something like, “It doesn’t what I am doing with you. Going shopping, watching tv, or hiking a mountain it is always better when I am which you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” (I got down on my knee, paused for a moment, pulled out the box, paused for a moment, opened the box, paused for a moment.) I asked, “Elizabeth O’Brien, will you be my wife.” She said yes and she cried and we took pictures. We then hiked down the mountain for 45 minutes in the pitch black. I was so scared that I had my pistol out the entire time down the mountain. I wasn’t going to let again happen to my new fiance.”

We all have our own fun characteristics that we love about people and this is what the couple had to share about each other.

Elizabeth said, “Keith has such a kind heart, not just towards me but towards everybody. He loves making people happy and he would do anything to protect me or his family or his friends.”

Keith said, “She loves me more than anyone else has ever loved me and that includes my mother. She only wants the best for me and it is easy to see that. She also has a big huge caring heart. She wants all of the babies in the world to be happy. She wants to house all of the babies in the world.”

Other than getting married, our couple each had one thing to share that they were looking forward to on the wedding day. Here it is… 

Elizabeth said, “The Jacuzzi in our hotel room. Mostly just spending time with Keith and the long hug I know he is going to give me after our ceremony. And the Jacuzzi.”

Keith said, “There are two things I am most excited about. I am excited to see my bride walk down the aisle. She going to look so beautiful and I am going to be so overcome with emotion. I can’t wait to feel that feeling. I am also very excited about reading my vows to her. I think it is going to make everyone cry and it is some very true words. I am excited to hear hers as well.”

We always like to hear what our clients have to say about current wedding trends. Keith and Elizabeth both gave a unique response. 

Elizabeth said, “I love how everything is simple and kind of shabby chic… a lot of my decorations are from thrift stores and I love how the style is just mix-and-matching things.”

Keith said, “My favorite part of this wedding is that Elizabeth and I are in charge of it all. We get to put our own personal stamp on it. We don’t have an official pastor or anything so we get to come up with our own ideas for everything. Writing our own vows really makes it our own wedding. We get to speak from the heart and not just recite what a pastor tells us to.”

When asked what made them or inspired them to choose their wedding theme and decor, this is what each shared.

Elizabeth said, “I’ve seen a lot of yellow & gray themed living rooms and even outfits and I love the color combo. I think it’s fresh and mellow, which is just how I wanted the wedding to be! Plus we are trying to do this on a budget, so it was fun looking at thrift stores for all kinds of eclectic decorations!”

Keith said, “Elizabeth. I did not have a hand in that. I trust Elizabeth’s judgement. But if I had to guess what inspired her… probably Pinterest.”

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We are thrilled to be a part of Elizabeth and Keith’s wedding day and can’t wait to be witnessing their next step in life… marriage. From all of us here at Samplawski Photography, Congratulations to the both of you!



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