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Very excited to be working with Danielle and Craig for their wedding day today.

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They were referred to us from one of our beautiful bride and I have had the pleasure of working with Craig in that wedding party.

Now comes the day that these to say goodbye to their single life and start their lives together as one. During their engagement session, we had a great time with great memories, knowing families of families, hearing about how they met and to now, their wedding day!

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The snow didn’t stop these two from having some fun and showing their love for each other… and now on the bright side this weekend- clear skies and warm, couldn’t ask for a better wedding day!

When I asked how they first met, 

Craig said, “Danielle and I met 20 + years ago when my family moved to Cornell.  We lived across the street from each other.  We played together when we were growing up.  Danielle had a crush on me in grade school but she wouldn’t admit it.  High school we never really talked to much.  After I graduated lineman school, I moved back home with my parents.  I heard a rumor that Danielle was single, so I decided to pursue her.  We started talking, hanging out and eventually we started dating. Here we are 4 plus years ready to get married.”

Danielle said, “We met when we were 4 years old we started pre school together and went all the way to senior year and graduated high school together. We had the same group of friends and hung out. We started dating about 4 years ago and we went to a movie and dinner. It went from there where we started to date.”

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They knew each other was the one when, 

Craig said, “I knew Danielle was the one about 2 years ago.”

Danielle said, “I knew he was the one a little after we were dating. He was kind and we liked and wanted the same thing.”

Sharing each side of the proposal, 

Craig said, “I took Danielle up to Door County to a nice resort on the water for her birthday.  I bought the engagement ring 2 months before hand and kept it a secret.  It was a nice evening and asked Danielle if she wanted to watch the sunset with me outside on the bench. She looked at me kinda funny cause normally I don’t ask to do those things.  Well were sitting on the bench, looking at the sunset and I was about to propose.  People starting coming out to watch the sunset and I chickened out cause I didn’t want to do it in front of 15 people.  I asked her to come back to the room and we finished watching the sunset from our patio.  I gave her a birthday card as the sun was setting that said, “Will you be mine forever” with a pic of us holding hands after we graduated pre-k.  She was laughing and looked over at me and I was down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

Danielle said, “He proposal was a year ago and we went up to Door County for my birthday. The 19th of May we went to a nice dinner and came back and he ask to go watch the sunset. We did and I could tell he was nervous about something so we went out on our patio from our room to watch the sunset. He handed me a card and our preschool picture was in it and he got down on one knee. He cried and proposed.

One thing each other loves about each other is, 

Craig said, “I love how caring Danielle is. She always been their for me and helps out anyone that ask for help.”

Danielle said, “We love the same things and enjoy being with family.”

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The first kiss was like, 

Craig shared, “When we first kissed I knew it could be something special.  My stomach was turning so I knew that was a good sign.”

Danielle shared, “The 1st kiss was when he dropped me off from a movie so it was in the car and I was so nervous and I had butterflies.”

One thing they are both looking forward to other than getting married is, 

Craig said, “I’m looking forward to finally being married. All the planning and everything else has been stressful.  Once we say “I do”, a lot of pressure will be off our shoulders. Everything else should be a good time.”

Danielle said, “I look forward to seeing Craig’s face when he first sees me walking down the aisle.”

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Well that day is almost here and we are excited to be a part of it. Thank you for asking us to be your photographers… we are honored to witness the next step of your lives together!

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