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Such a love story between Kasie and Luke when they first met through online dating.  Hearing their story of how they met, their journeys together, and their dreams together is one of the coolest parts of meeting new clients and being a part of their special wedding day.

Here’s a few images from their engagement session with their destination wedding being in Wisconsin Dells with Wisconsin Dells Wedding Photographer, Andrew Samplawski Photography.


Luke shared, “The story of how Kasie and I first met is nothing to crazy… We actually first started talking online via a dating site. Which by the way I was almost ready to give up on as I was starting to feel like there was know one out there meant for me. Fortunately for her and I we found one another started making small talk next thing you know, it’s time to meet! So meet we did, me being so classy living in lady…. Something Wisconsin, I decided to have her meet me at a bar called the Black Bear. It was not a choice made because I liked it there but I had a volleyball bar league I played on and that’s where the game was that night. So she came and it was a touch awkward do to the fact that when we first met I still wasn’t sure how exactly to pronounce her first name but all in all the night was filled with great fun filled conversation and I really couldn’t wait until the next time to see her.”

Kasie was able to share here side of the story and this is what she said, ” Online dating is how we were introduced to each other, Plenty of Fish to be exact.  Beginning of the year in 2012 at Black bear in Holcombe, WI was our first date to meet.  We had been exchanging messages and having phone conversations up until that point.I was so nervous to go on a blind date before, it was the first blind date I’d ever gone on.  I decided to go on the blind date because I knew I had wanted a long, meaningful relationship for quite some time and through conversation Luke had offered me everything I would have hoped for in a relationship so I gave it a try. Good thing it worked out.”



The proposal, Kasie shared her side of the story with friends at their side. This is what she said,

“November 3, 2013, Milwaukee burger.  I had been up to my neck drowning in school stress.  Luke had made the suggestion that we take the time for a dinner together.  Since I barely see my friends during the school year I had also invited some of my friends, 2 other couples.  I was thinking that it was just a good night out enjoying drinks and good food with friends.  THEN Luke decided to order dessert, with luke’s huge appetite we rarely ever get dessert because he eats so much, but we went ahead and ordered a deep fried chocolate chip cookie.  As the dessert came out getting held high by our waitress, she put it down on the table with the words, “Kasie Lynn Marry me” written in syrup on the plate with our dessert.  In amazement, I looked at everyone and Luke, while he was getting on his knee, asking me to marry him… in shock of a reaction, I grabbed him and kissed him, never answering him until he asked me again… Of course I said yes, and we put the ring on my finger.  Champagne was popped, tears were to be had and everyone ended the night in amazement, shock, smiles and laughs. I knew the engagement was coming some time in our relationship, just not at that very moment…. Such a relaxed normal night with friends.  He’d also been asking what kind of rings I had always liked too.

We had been talking about marriage, serious stuff since the day we started talking.  Most of the time this isn’t usual in any relationship, but I think from the both of us we had been through unsuccessful relationships and to get the full potential of going out on a date with someone, in which we’d be a match for…. Marriage was definitely something we’d both mention out of wanting down the road.

Luke was nervous throughout the entire night of the proposal, silly little clues should’ve told me that something was going on but I couldn’t put it together.  Example- him being somewhat quiet (completely unusual for him, him dropping his “cell phone” in reality it was the RING! And him being super anxious right before dessert came)


The neatest part is hearing attributes each other shares in their relationship with one another.

When asked Luke what is one thing you love most about Kasie, he shared, “There are so many things to name but if I am forced to name one above all others it would have to be the she loves the important things in life! Love for me, life in general, fun, her career, our soon to be family. All of it, I love the way she loves.”

Kasie shared her one thing most about Luke, “He’s my rock, my solid rock.  Keeps me calm and reassures me through everything I do.  There’s so much emotion in those 2 sentences that I don’t know where’d I be without him.  He holds me together, he’s strong for the both of us and every single member in both of our families.”





Having a little fun with these two was the best part of the entire story they shared, and during their engagement session. Kasie brought the idea forward and I’m always up for doing awesome, crazy and wild engagement sessions… so it was a for sure YES! Here’s to a few tones of paint, some crazy fun, and nothing but painted love of one another during their engagement session with Andrew Samplawski Photography.



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