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Mandie and Brennan are tying the knot together, 8.2.14!

We are very excited to work with this awesome couple with amazing personalities. Ton of laughs, fun, and definitely some good one liners from Brennan, their engagement session was priceless. Take a look and read a little bit about their story.


When Brennan was asked how they met, he shared some fun. Just reading his side of the story will make anyone laugh, so here it is:

Mandie and I’s love story is one for the books. The way we met couldn’t have been any better for a young boy. When I mean young, I was in elementary school.  Like most boys my age, we had lots of things on our minds. Like what was for lunch that day and whose team I was going to be on for football at recess. As for the girls they all had cooties, except Mandie of course. She was a grade older than I was so I didn’t get to know her very well early on.  I remember seeing her running around chasing boys at school, but she would seem to always give me the “longer stare” when we looked at each other.

It was a long time ago, but the first memory I have of her was at summer school of my 4th grade year.  I remember her sitting behind me in class as we were working on some “world changing” art project.  It was early in my life for great pick up lines, so I think I just said “Hi” to her or “Can I borrow the red when you are done.”  I think that is when I had her!  It was love at first sight.  I remember talking a little bit, but with her friends around there wasn’t much room for making the “move.”  I also think she liked another “5th grade boy” at this point anyway so like most boys fighting after the “hottest girl in school” I had to wait until the boy messed up so I could come swoop in and pick her up!

From then on we would hang out more that summer and got to know her better. She was so much fun to be with and she liked to play sports! Cha-Ching!  We might have talked about running away together right then and there, but we figured we should tease ourselves all through high school and see what happens.




Mandie shared here side of the story about how she knew Brennan was the one! Stepping on toes made it be the moment and the memory together! ”

“Brennan and I remained friends for years and years.  We dated for a while in Middle School, but after “I went in for a hug, Brennan went in for a kiss” and he ended up kissing my eye very awkwardly, I ended things promptly, solely on the fact that I didn’t want an awkward situation like that to happen ever again.  Oh, the mind of a pre-teen.

After that, Brennan and I remained friends, and throughout all of high school, Brennan was my go-to guy.  Any time I needed a friendly face, someone to talk to, or a quiet night in with an old friend, I always called Brennan.  He was, in all sense of the word, the most perfect and best friend I had ever had.  There was always something missing though, which never let me make the plunge into making Brennan my boyfriend. Maybe it was the haunt of the infamous “eye-kiss” or it was the fact I was scared to lose such a good friend, but either way, for the longest time- Brennan was in the friend zone.

When we went off to college, Brennan went to school in Minnesota and I went to UW-Eau Claire.  When Brennan came home, we would always try to find time to see each other.  Then Country Fest 2010 happened.  Brennan and I were both there, partying with our friends and having a great time.  We were really hitting it off, and spending all of our time with each other.  I was wearing cowboy boots, and Brennan was wearing sandals.  I accidentally stepped on Brennan’s foot, and the poor guy was in pain.  I wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a million kisses, and kept apologizing over and over again.  Brennan laughs and says… “Mandie, it doesn’t matter how many kisses you give me, my foot still hurts.” Right then and there, I fell in love. I don’t know what it was; maybe the look on his face or his amazing sense of humor, or the many years of him making me laugh and making all my worries fade away, but I knew there was no going back. Brennan was THE ONE. ”



Not only was stepping on toes a great moment, but shooting hoops was definitely worth it too… here’s the proposal from Brennan.

“The proposal was one to remember and we can because I got her family to record it! As Mandie knows I like to be prepared and find the best way for everything.  That could be for the littlest thing, but this was for proposing to my best friend!  I thought up lots of ideas and dates to do it. I even joked to Mandie some ridiculous proposals before that would have been funny, but probably not a good idea. Friends and family kept asking me when I was going to “Pop the question.” I knew I loved her and we were ready so I had to get the ball rolling.

I only told my family when and where it was going to happen. I wanted to keep in secret and intimate for both of us, which she liked. I decided to propose back where we had our “First kiss” in her backyard during Bean & Bacon Days. It was the day after our anniversary July 6th, 2013. I had the ring in my pocket all day! That was a crazy feeling. No one knew this until later that night. I initially wanted to ask her the day before, but circumstances didn’t let that happen. I had to improvise.  Her family was sitting on the deck behind her house and I walked up to them and said that I was going to ask Mandie to marry me! I remember Jenna, her sister, looking at me with so much excitement like a girl in a shoe store.  The family went to hide and Jenna went behind the shed to record the action.

I went over to the ball field by her house and asked Mandie if she wanted to come back with me to her house to grab something.  As we talked and walked it worked out great. There was no one outside, just us two. Then, of course, Mandie’s neighbor decided it was the perfect time to come out in the backyard and see what was going on (she saw Jenna by the shed).  I brought Mandie to her basketball court in the backyard, where we had our first kiss. I grabbed a ball and started dribbling and talking to buy some time before I “Popped the question”.  Just so you know this was all “On the fly” as well.  I challenged Mandie to close her eyes and shoot the ball into the hoop. If she makes it she would get a kiss (even if she didn’t I would have still kissed her.) She took a few dribbles, closed her eyes, and let it go. Right when she closed her eyes I got down on my knee and pulled out the ring. I asked Mandie to marry me! Her hands were over her mouth and she was speechless for a second.  She said “Yes” and the family all ran out the door to come congratulate us. Mandie said that my voice was shaky, but I don’t remember that.  I will admit that I was more nervous at that point though.  By the way, she air balled the shot and I still kissed her! It was a great moment and it felt unbelievable to make it all happen.  ”




The love for one another is complete! Here’s each others response about what they love about one another

Mandie shares about Brennan “The one thing I love most about Brennan? This is tough, because I love so many things about him, but I would say the thing I appreciate the most about him, is his patience.  He is always so loving and understanding, even in times when he probably shouldn’t be.  His patience is envious, and the way he keeps calm in difficult situations, just puts me at ease.  It’s a quality I wish I possessed more of. ”

Brennan shares about Mandie “It is tough to pick just one thing that I love about Mandie.  I think the thing that comes up a lot and that I appreciate so much is her personality and love that she has for me. Those together make me feel so comfortable whenever we are together.  She understands me so well, even too well sometimes. Our relationship is so strong and easy flowing that we can get through anything together.  She truly makes me a better person every day of my life. ”



To make their day happen, Mandie and Brennan have chose a great list of vendors. Photography by Eau Claire Wedding Photographer, Andrew Samplawski Photography based in Eau Claire WI and St Cloud MN.


Photography / Andrew Samplawski Photography

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