Take Andrew to Prom





Prom is right on our door step and some of you maybe even going this weekend! I want to be a part of YOUR PROM! “Take Andrew to Prom” is happening!


Even better yet… when you can have an opportunity to one of Eau Claire’s most sought after high school senior photographer. –  ‘Take Andrew to Prom.’ You ask… SAAAAAY WHAAAAT?!? Yes… you ask ‘WHY something so crazy that nobody else is doing?’ I ask… ‘WHY NOT…?’ I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing and that’s the best part of why we have seniors traveling to us for their senior pictures.

Click to print – Take_Andrew_to_Prom

Don’t have a date… PERFECT! You do now. And the perfect time to take a Groupie with your dinner table!

We are doing multiple giveaways to awesome high school junior ladies and high school senior gents for our “Take Andrew to Prom!” The giveaways include awesome high school senior pics with my studio – Andrew Samplawski Photography – that will make your friends jealous, and a chance to win an Apple iWatch or iPad Mini. Yeah… we give away some pretty awesome giveaways… those were just a few to share.

First off… follow me on Instagram @andrewsamplawski – here we will be posting all of the awesomeness we are doing for our high school juniors! We will even share you’re in action, behind the scenes, with “Take Andrew to Prom” photos and you will be a celebrity on our social media page & our website.

  • Print off the caricature and “take Andrew to Prom.” – print 1, 2, 3 or more off for your friends too just in case they want to get in on the fun. There’s no limit to whom can participate.
  • Color the picture – suit & tie – skin color – this can be done however you want! Make it the best, and GET CREATIVE!
  • Cut me out – put “Take Andrew to Prom” on a stick of some sort for a selfie & easy mobility while your out with friends.
  • Click away with your smartphone camera & post to Instagram with hashtag #andrewtoprom on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Tag yourself and friends in the photo. The more photos you take, the better chance at the iPad mini or Apple iWatch.



Some photo options you can enter to win… remember #andrewtoprom on Instagram and Twitter.

**Take your BEST SELFIE with Andrew

**Take your BEST GROUPIE (group selfie, more people tagged the better chances you will have to win)

Going with a group of guys… let me join in the fun – why not take a groupie with all the guys. Take 5… posted to Instagram & Facebook with #andrewtoprom

Going with a group of girls… let’s take a selfie! Post it to Instagram & Facebook with #andrewtoprom

**Make Andrew the BEST DRESSED – color my suit to match or look similar to your dress/suit OR completely different. 

**Best TRANSPORTATION to/from dinner and prom – always fun to get to see what I can ride in whether it’s a limo, bus, tractor, pickup truck… show it off!! 

**Best Meal with Andrew – food is my favorite! Share your meal with a selfie! It’s okay… don’t tell me you have never shared your food on social media! 

**Best Hashtag you can add to “Take Andrew to Prom” – create your own hashtag… get creative and make it awesome!


Winners will be Class of 2017 high school juniors – but join in on the fun even if you are not a Class of 2017 because we will be giving away some extra Andrew Samplawski Photography SWAG. Our studio will contact you through Instagram for your email address when you have won! DON’T FORGET to hashtag #andrewtoprom so your photos are posted! We want YOU to WIN!

Please share this post with a friend… let’s see how far around the world “Take Andrew to Prom” can happen!

Looking forward to an awesome time going to Prom! Contest will end May 30th! Winners will be contacted shortly after from our studio.