Bride | Behind the Scenes with Andrew

Happy Saturday as I write this from Duluth, MN as I’m doing a 4 day tour that started on Thursday around WI & MN photography a number of amazing engaged couples and sweetheart photo sessions.

I just wanted to share a little love this morning of a recent bride I photographed while I was in St Louis, MO. Traveling at times as a wedding photographer based out of Eau Claire, WI – I always don’t have the capabilities of sight seeing shall I say to scope out the wedding venue or reception venue prior to the wedding day. Being a wedding photographer, it’s always fun and exciting to photograph in new locations because I just never know what I’m walking in to which excites me at every wedding day. Dark lighting, bright lighting, colored lighting, lots of people, little ideal locations or spots, etc… all accounts should be considered – and being the professional I am always looking for most ideal locations for my clients to create wedding portraits such as this one.


Such a gorgeous sunset with this stunning bride on the back stairs of a hotel. Not often as a wedding photographer do I have the opportunity to have the most ideal locations because every venue has it’s beauty. As a professional photographer, it takes a little taken to see the big picture throughout the day while photographing. I saw this stairway… and it was facing west when I stood at the bottom with weather looking pretty awesome. Behind me… there’s dumpsters because we are behind the hotel. With a little knowledge about my camera, and knowing how to work light… this image was created.
Happy Saturday friends and fans… thanks for your love and support! Most posts to come!!

Andrew Samplawski Photography