Mistakes to Avoid during Wedding Planning

Day in and day out wedding planning can be fun…who doesn’t like the idea of helping two people in love, plan the celebration of a life time. Typically I witness wedding planning being done by friends who are completely new to wedding planning; Most have never had to plan a something outside of a bachelorette party or a bridal shower, etc. It’s no easy task to navigate, so I have pulled together 5 tips that will help wedding planners get through some of the common hiccups in the planning process.

Mistakes are bound to happen – Some can unfortunately be quite costly, but most can be avoided! I have listed one of my own suggestions, as well as a few others here, but feel free to visit the link below for the whole list!


Through reading this blog… I have found some really great helpful tips that I highly suggest taking note of. I’ll save you some time and recap the most important ones here for you. You can thank me later.

#0 – Prioritize your Vendors – This is a personal suggestion as we sometimes do things a little backwards… and that’s okay. It’s called planning for a reason… secure your big vendors first. VENUE/CHURCH/RECEPTION… then your PHOTOGRAPHER… then your DJ. This being said… venues, photographers, and DJs can only serve one client per date as they are most of the time one person. A florist, dress salon, a bakery, etc can provide service to multiple clients per wedding date because the products that you purchase can be delivered without having the vendor physically there. I am only one photographer, and yes, my studio has multiple photographers that we can book 2 weddings per date but our reputation has been built that we usually are booking 1 – 2 years out from the current year. I see this trend with venues & DJs. The demand of venues or resorts and the geographical area that you are hosting your wedding celebrations in is something to keep in mind. Duluth, Minnesota – the resorts along the shore, Canal Park and surrounding areas are booking 2-4 years in advance because it’s a destination for clients to travel to. I’m starting to see Eau Claire area becoming more a destination as well being its more center of the country – it’s middle of the Midwest, it’s a gorgeous area and it’s a larger town with the small town feel. Keeping all of this in mind is critical when planning your day because your venue or vendors may have already booked up.

#3 – Make a Budget – Having a wedding budget in mind is very important. Not only in mind, but also written down. This will truly help smooth out your planning because you have an idea of how much money you’re able to spend when you meet with your florist, your photographer, your DJ, etc and how much wiggle room you may have. Sharing your budget with your wedding vendors will save you a ton of time and they can help point you in the right direction. They can help make sure you make the most of your budget no matter the size.

#4 – Create a Timeline – Creating a timeline to help plan your day is super beneficial. I always create timelines for my clients because I want to make sure we have enough time to capture all the photos they want and need of their day, as well as other epic shots along the way. This helps with wedding party photos, the bride & groom photos, and of course – the family photos which are especially important if family doesn’t unite very often unless it’s a special event.

#5 – Avoid Micro-managing – Allow your vendors to provide you the service and final product that you hired them for. Share all the details that you feel is important for your vendor to know so they can make sure every detail is accounted for. Otherwise, take a breath before sending those follow up emails and allow your vendor to be the professional and rock your service. Maybe check in once a month or so if you have new info or want to share ideas or updates, but they’ve got it. It’s not their first rodeo.

#8 – Plan TOGETHER! – Plan your day with your soon to be spouse! Yes, they will have their say if they are allowed. Encourage them to share in the decision making. Guys love food and drinks & of course, to be comfortable! Let’s just be real -guys want their stomachs full and to have a beer or whiskey with friends and family – those are the areas most care most to be involved in. Allowing your groom to choose between option A or B is always a huge help. I see this happen a lot. If you narrow it down first for the guys then let them make the final say – you will receive better feedback and agree on something sooner. Ladies, they like to cover the planning of everything else and even throw in a shot of Fireball or even boxed wine! Why not! 🙂 Let your wedding planning happen together – your wedding day belongs to the both of you.

#9 – Make it YOUR day! – this walks hand in hand with #3 – Budget. Work through a budget to make this special day, YOUR DAY along with your soon to be spouse! Plan the wedding day that you have always dreamt of. Make it YOURS. Just because TheKnot.com says something doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do it . “Save the Dates,” for example. If it’s outside of a holiday weekend or another event weekend for family (family reunion) my suggestion is to invest that money you would have spent on Save the Dates into something such as a better meal spread or even doing something special for parents as a THANK YOU in helping with planning. Your day is exactly that, YOUR DAY. Own it.

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