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5 Holiday Photography Tips for Capturing your Holiday Memories

The radio stations have already started with their holiday music. The temperatures start to dip, the nights get longer and there is a little bit of excitement in the air.  The holidays are coming! With the impending gatherings of the holiday season, it’s always nice to have a few suggestions on how best to photograph the holidays. With families coming together from far and wide, it is the perfect time to capture pictures while everyone is together, sharing in the love and warmth of this holiday season. And so, from my family to yours, here are 5 holiday photography tips for capturing your holiday memories.

Holiday Photography Tips: Capture Family Photos

There’s nothing more fun than taking advantage of the multiple generations all together at the same time. One of my favorite things to do when everyone is together is to capture big, generational shots including the whole family. Get great-grandma, grandma, mom and the youngest all together. Showcase the love of multiple generations all in one shot. Pile everyone up in front of the fireplace and get a shot of everyone together. These moments will be cherished years later when those faces in the photographs are no longer with us. A photograph is a way to freeze time, even if just a moment.

Holiday Photography Tips: Document Preparing the Meal

Have you ever gone to someone else’s family celebration and the way they make the mashed potatoes is just… not right? Recipes are passed down from generation to generation. They’re like a legacy. And Grandma’s cranberry sauce is the only correct recipe, am I right? While sharing the secrets of how to preserve these recipes, it’s also important to document these moments. While everyone is cooking in the kitchen and sharing those moments, make sure to grab your camera! Sharing memories of your childhood cooking moments with your own children creates a wonderful tradition. Make sure to capture those moments in the kitchen before the meal is served.

Holiday Photography Tips: Capture the Beauty of the Meal

Hours of work go into creating the beautiful meal. Someone gets up before dawn to make sure that the turkey is in and roasting on time. The table is usually set with the “good china” and lavishly decorated with beautiful accessories, florals, vases and the like. Before everyone digs in to enjoy the meal, make sure to capture how beautiful it was before it gets destroyed. Honestly, there are few things quite as sad as the bones of a turkey carcass after it’s been ravaged.  There are a few moments before everyone digs when these delicious food items are garnished and pristine. Make sure to snap a few pictures to be able to appreciate how nice it looked before you got to enjoy how delicious it tasted. Your Instagram account will thank you.

Holiday Photography Tips: Share the After Meal Fun

Once the meal is over, and everyone slips into a food coma, there are even more opportunities for pictures. Make sure to document the candid conversations– especially when the Green Bay Packer games come on. Who doesn’t love the Packers?! Whether your family gathers together to watch the game, play a board game, or sit by the fire and share stories, take the time to document those moments. These seemingly innocent moments become so precious when you look back at them years from now. Kids grow up. People move away. Make sure the moments are captured before the moments are gone.

Holiday Photography Tips: Partner with a Professional

Special moments spent with loved ones you don’t often get to spend time with are precious. Why not schedule time with a professional to capture these moments? Rather than stress about making sure that your precious moments are documented, consider partnering with a professional. Trust those moments to someone who can capture the laughter, hugs, smiles and delicious food for you. A holiday portrait session is a wonderful way to maximize on the time you all spend together. Trust your memories to a professional and schedule a portrait session while you are all together.

From our family at Andrew Samplawski Photography to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a very happy and healthy holiday season.

5 holiday photography tips andrew samplawski photography 5 holiday photography tips andrew samplawski photography 5 holiday photography tips andrew samplawski photography 5 holiday photography tips andrew samplawski photography