Preserve Your Photos

Lately, I’ve been giving advice for how to prepare and what to do for photography sessions, but this time, I’d like to speak to what happens after. When you get those pictures from your portrait session, after the initial excitement of seeing everything, what do you do to preserve those images so you can still look back on them for years to come?

Preserve your Images in Albums or Scrapbooks

One of the most obvious answers to how to preserve your images is to have an album or scrapbook made. This way, you have physical copies of the pictures that will last beyond any technology or online database that might run out of storage or go out of operation. After all, remember floppy discs? Physical albums are a tried and true method.

Preserve your Images in Wall Art or Frames

Another obvious answer is to get your photos printed out and put in picture frames or made into wall art. This is especially true for those family pictures, those senior portraits—the images you want to hang up for a daily reminder of the unity and love in your home. Again, since these are physical copies, these will outlast tech that might go out of date. I’ve spoken about wall art before, so if you’re looking for advice on how to find the right image size for your living room, hallway, or bedroom, you can check out that blog post as well.

Preserve your Images with the 3, 2, 1 Rule

But you shouldn’t discount technology entirely, especially nowadays when we have so many different options, from digital albums to hard drives to the cloud. Every one of these is a valid option, and as long as you make sure to keep your collection of photos up to date, they’ll last a long time as well.

The key here is to make sure that your data (in this case, your photos) are well backed up. There is truly nothing more heartbreaking than a loss of data. You never know when a phone could be lost or stolen or when a Facebook account could be hacked or lost. Precious moments and memories can disappear in the blink of an eye with the loss of a hard drive or a website crash.

That’s why IT departments use the 3, 2, 1 rule for backing up files: Have 3 copies of your data. One of these should be your primary copy, whether that’s an online album or your Facebook profile. But don’t just put all your photographic eggs in one basket. Add two more copies—on the cloud, in Google Photos, whatever works for you.

Keep your data in 2 types of storage media. You don’t want your computer to crash on you and wipe out your family’s precious memories, after all! Keep an external hard drive or upload your photos to a secure site.

Finally, have 1 off-site storage location. Again, you don’t want to lose everything in a computer crash, and you don’t want to despair if you lose your external drive. Use the cloud, give your parents copies—do whatever you choose to keep those memories safe!

Whatever method you choose, remember: these are more than just images. These are memories. Whether you print them out, put them in an album or upload them to multiple places, make sure you preserve your images for years to come!

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