Tips for Taking a Killer Selfie

tips for a killer selfie andrew samplawski photography

Summer is just around the corner. Some would say that Memorial Day is the first day of the official summer season here in Wisconsin. But if there’s one thing I can say, is that Memorial Day is the kickoff of selfie season! With lazy summer days at the lake and exciting vacations around the world ahead, now is the prime time of year for Facebook and Instagram to be loaded with selfies. In honor of unofficial Selfie Season, here are my five top tips for taking a killer selfie.

Taking a Killer Selfie: 

Tip 1: Good Lighting

Make sure you double check yourself when taking a selfie. To get the best selfie, you need to watch your lighting. Let’s face it- the blue glow from your phone’s screen does nothing to bring out your complexion. Celebrities who take selfies constantly know where the best light is! Natural, outdoor light is best for selfies. Find a window if you’re inside, or when you’re outside find a shady space with indirect light.  Try not to look straight up towards your light source because it might make you squint unnaturally. 

Pro tip:  If you’re really looking to elevate your selfie lighting, you might want to consider using a ring light, like the YouTube and Instagram super stars!

Tip 2: Watch your Back

There’s nothing more embarrassing than posting what you thought was a good looking selfie — only to find out that in the background was a pile of dirty laundry, or worse… your underwear! Make sure to consider other ways that you could accidentally reveal something embarrassing: taking a selfie in a mirror might show things behind you that are best left unseen. If you’re taking a selfie with sunglasses, remember you can sometimes see the reflection in the lens!

Safety first—It goes without saying, but don’t take selfies when driving.

Tip 3: Play with Angles

Celebrities and models know their good angles and their bad ones. This summer, play with your angles to see which sides work best for you! One of the most flattering angles for selfies is with an arm outstretched so you are looking up at the camera at a slight tilt. Try taking from both the left and the right to see which angle makes you look your best. Having a camera looking slightly downwards at you is very flattering.

Selfie sticks are popular for a reason!

Tip 4: Chin Up!

Take a note from the Kardashians. You never see Kendall with a double chin! Remember to use your neck to avoid an accidental double chin.  Tying in with the killer selfie tip above, when you are looking up at the camera, you are less likely to tuck your chin down creating extra shadows. By tilting your chin slightly upward you are elongating your neck for a flattering angle.

Tip 5: Have Fun

Get silly! Make sure to laugh and have fun. Whether you are trying out a new recipe or showing off some new snorkel gear, selfies are about having fun and sharing your experiences with the world. If you’re going somewhere fun, grab a selfie stick or a tall friend to make sure that you can huddle in for a group shot and share them on Instagram!

Make sure to capture your selfie life! Document the fun you have over the summer and the adventures you have with killer selfies! But, don’t forget, when it’s time for a more professional head shot make sure to contact me to set up a professional portrait session or a senior session.

tips for a killer selfie andrew samplawski photography tips for a killer selfie andrew samplawski photography tips for a killer selfie andrew samplawski photography tips for a killer selfie andrew samplawski photography