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“They are willing to go beyond the norm and take some amazing, unique and fun pictures. They are very creative and respectful of what the bride and groom want and they are very passionate and talented!!!”

-Luke & Brooke


Andrew Samplawski, owner and lead photographer of Andrew Samplawski Photography has been a professional photographer for the last 5 years, creating the style and essence of wedding photography in the Eau Claire and surround areas.

Seniors Portrait

Why choose Andrew Samplawski Photography for your senior portraits? Andrew Samplawski Photography is committed to giving you the most creative, individual senior portrait experience possible.

Family and Children

Whether your family is finally together for a special occasion, your kids are going off to college or they are just entering preschool, Andrew Samplawski Photography offers family photography. Eau Claire Family photography studio, Andrew Samplawski Photography, guarantees to provide a beautiful, timeless family portrait that you will be proud to have in your home.

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Sherman Family Portraits

Almost nothing in life is more important than family. The only thing that comes close is making sure family memories are captured forever. Whether you live in Sherman, WI, or elsewhere, you want those memories to last. Family is definitely the glue holding our crazy world together, so it has become an annual requirement to have a family portrait done in Sherman to ensure that we don’t miss out on anything! We here at Samplawski Photography truly understand how much your family means to you, and our mission is to provide you with great family pictures every year.

Preparing for Family Pictures in Sherman

Yes, I know. Preparing your whole family to undergo a photography appointment? It only gets worse the more family members you have. If those family members are children, then it can be nearly impossible! Don’t worry, here are some useful tips to help you prepare.

Avoid Stress Try not to get super stressed. That may seem flippant, but it’s harder than many think. Instead, grab a delicious, refreshing cocktail to help you relax and better enjoy the photo session. Why is that the case? Your stress and upset will show up in your photos every time. Not “most of the time”, but every single time. Nobody is ever perfect when it comes to doing anything like getting pictures taken, but you at least want people to not be irritated or sad. You do not want this during family photos!

2. Do your best to color coordinate. A word of caution! You don’t have to match everyone in your family with the same outfits. For example, if one person wants to wear stripes, have the person standing next to them wear a solid color. This coordination helps your photos look streamlined and beautiful. In fact, the pictures will look better than if you did wear matching outfits!

3. Get a shot list prepared that has different combinations on it. This is particularly helpful if your family is especially large. It is important to choose as many different combinations as you can, and it definitely will help things run quite smoothly if you can have a lit of person by person shots.

Sherman Family Photos

Choosing a photographer is pretty simple. There are two major factors that you need to consider before you decide on the photographer that you want to take family photos for you in Sherman. First of all, make sure that you love their photos. Photographers you’re not really happy with when you look at the results means you need to move on a little. The second factor is to make sure you feel comfortable with them. This means that you feel safe, and you feel as though they can do the job well. The last thing you want is to have a photographer who is frustrated and yelling at members of your family right before your Sherman reunion picnic.

“Andrew Samplawski Photography was AMAZING! Andy & Alberto made our wedding truly an event to remember!”

Bryan & Alicia

“Andy has a fun-loving, energetic personality and made our day absolutely wonderful. He is the perfect combination of professional and fun! He is quite simply, the best!”

Garett & Allison
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