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Holiday Traditions

As a photographer, it’s my job to have vision. Part of the joy of photography is in capturing a moment in time. I’m preserving memories to be cherished for years to come. During the holidays, not only are there precious memories, but there are also so many treasured family traditions.

Holiday Photography | Preserving Traditions

Family traditions take so many different shapes and forms. For some, it’s following Grandma’s recipes, faithfully recreating the same cookies from a recipe scrawled on a yellowing sheet of paper. Maybe it’s hiding a pickle ornament somewhere on your tree.  Maybe you spend Thanksgiving hunting instead of shopping.  Here in Wisconsin, I know deer season takes just as much planning as cooking a meal!

Maybe your holiday traditions involve hiking out to cut down your own Christmas tree.  (That tradition for many families usually also includes a new scratch on the ceiling, since… it didn’t look that tall out in the field, right?) If you’re in Milwaukee, maybe you dress up and ride in the Santa Rampage. Or, if you’re brave, maybe you’re out there on New Year’s Day taking a Polar Bear Plunge!

Traditions can come in a simple form of decorations. I know in my family, opening up that box of ornaments and candle holders comes with a moment of reverence. As each sparkling ornament is unwrapped, there’s a story. There’s a memory.

That’s why photography during the holidays is so important. Make sure you take the time to capture those traditions. Moments, when photographed become memories.  Memories, when repeated, become traditions. Take the time to slow down and appreciate the beauty in your own traditions this holiday season. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of treasured family, no matter what your holiday traditions.

From our family here at Andrew Samplawski Photography to yours, please have a happy holiday season filled with warmth, joy, and cheer. Merry Christmas.

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