About Us

Since 2010, Andrew Samplawski Photography has photographed over 300+ weddings all around the Midwest, the United States and Internationally.
With my newest portrait studio in downtown Chippewa Falls, I am able to share my creative style and essence in portrait and wedding photography. My studio’s highly sought after reputation for unique & different portrait and wedding photography.  As my studio is not the average photography studio,  with a special creative style and incredible experience I was honored and privilege to be a multi-award winning wedding photographer and published in numerous highly rated magazines and blogs along with multiple celebrities including Monte Durham from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta.
I believe the best way to provide impeccable service to all of my portrait and wedding clients is to present them with beautiful professionally finished work. Sharing a DVD or handing over and USB and sending them on their way is not the best representation of my work or the value I place on photographs.
I believe in printing my work professionally. The photographs I create are not only delicate and timeless to my clients but they are precious. It is my work, a lifetime of work that deserves to be printed. The digitals are bit of a mystery these days. Can’t touch the file, and to be truthful, we don’t know the longevity of that particular file. Nonetheless being able to find it in 10, 20, 30 years from now with multiple USBs, flash drives, floppy disks or CDs. I love asking my clients that ask about digitals… and I’m going to ask you… When was the last time you printed your own pictures? And how many of those pictures do you have on your phone or computer that you still have not printed? How many CDs do you have from other photographers that you haven’t done anything with?
I do understand the technology we have today is so instant and the sharing on all social media platforms is important to all. For this particular reason, I offer web-friendly and device optimized images. The images are not formatted for print and do contain the Andrew Samplawski Photography watermark.
I’m all about giving you an experience, and that experience is nothing but the best of the best.  When I say that, I mean that.  With over 100+ reviews online, a consistent 5-star rating, I will strive to make our relationship a 5-star service. With a highly reputable and sought after reputation, I will treat you just like a part of my own family. Just like yourself, you expect high-quality products, bad ass photography, and nothing but amazing service with your imagery reflecting your personality and something that’s unique to you.
Excited for 2019, and looking forward to working with you and your loved ones!

Behind the Scenes

We have an incredible team behind the scenes that you unfortunately will usually not always have the chance to meet. Sara, Alberto, Jeff and Michelle are all our behind the scenes team members that help with behind the scenes activities that we all usually forget about.

These individuals are absolutely amazing because they help take care of the work so I can focus on the number one… YOU!!