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What should I wear to my photo session?

One of the most common questions I’m asked as a photographer is: What should I wear to my photo session? In the spirit of making things easier for my clients, here are some things to think about ahead of time so you get the perfect look for your photoshoot. Whether you’re preparing for a senior portrait session, an engagement session or a family photo session, here are some photo session wardrobe tips to make sure you look great!

Consider the purpose of the Photo Session

The outfits you pick out are going to depend largely on what kind of photoshoot you want. If you’re looking for a holiday look for your Christmas cards, you might wear red and green. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an updated head shot for your portfolio, you want something more professional. Make sure your clothes fit the occasion!

Wardrobe Tips: Dress for the Season

You want to be comfortable during your session; after all, it’s hard to get natural smiles when you’re wearing clothing that’s too tight or that you have to keep adjusting. But you also want to take the weather into account: you don’t want to be too hot or cold either. Dress for the season, with warm clothes during the winter and light clothes in the summer. Layering is a way to be comfortable and stylish. It’s also a wonderful way to layer on colors and prints, adding a plaid shirt over a solid tee or a solid jacket over a printed dress. Especially in family photos, a nice blend of patterns and solids that are unified by color is best.

Keep Your Photo Outfits Timeless

You might be at the top of the fashion game right now, but even the trendiest clothing will be out of date years from now when you’re looking back on those photos. Try for a look that won’t go out of fashion: keep patterns simple and pair with solid colors. Obviously, you still want to look sharp, and you should, but you should do that by keeping your clothes unwrinkled and well-fitted, not by wearing the latest trends. The same is true of clothing with brand names: you don’t want to look like a walking ad!

Accessorize Well

Nine times out of ten, unless we’re trying to capture a sporty/adventurous look, you’re not going to want to wear tennis shoes to a photo shoot. Pick out something that looks good on you but doesn’t look too casual. I’d suggest doing the same with makeup: keep it natural and stay away from glitter, but don’t forget to look your best at the same time. The best ideas for natural family portraits is to dress the way you would dress for a family gathering: nothing too formal, but stylishly casual.

Now that you have a few wardrobe tips for timeless outfits, you’re ready for a great photo session. I look forward to seeing you there!

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minnesota family session andrew samplawski photography

Alberto, Jonna, & Maxwell | Minnesota Family Session

When Alberto asked me to do his family pictures, I was absolutely honored. He has been one of my associate photographers for 5 years, and I consider him to be a good friend as well, so that trust meant the world to me.

Alberto and Jonna have the most amazing relationship. Their connection and love has always been something that I admire about the two of them, especially because through it all, they have never stopped being each other’s best friends. They are so easy to photograph together, because they’re so real.

Their little boy, Maxwell, is 6 years old and already has big dreams. It’s something else to hear him tell stories about all of his little-boy adventures, from the start of school to the start of karate and everything in between. He has the biggest heart and most amazing personality, and watching him interact with his parents is a thing of beauty.

I loved Maxwell’s smile—especially the way that it would come out in full force when he was with his parents. They were totally up for some fun shots with their little boy, making silly poses or lying in the autumn leaves or letting him climb on them.

And the pictures of Maxwell himself are amazing as well. I especially loved the one of Maxwell with his umbrella, because of the way it pops against the fall background—though the image of Maxwell lying back in the leaves with his hands behind his head perfectly captures his personality. He’s a dreamer, and he knows how to seize the moment.

Alberto & Jonna, thank you for trusting me to take your family pictures for you. That trust means a lot to me, and I hope that you will treasure the images we captured together. Here’s a sneak peek from the family portraits!

minnesota family session andrew samplawski photography
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Chippewa Falls Senior Session Andrew Samplawski Photography

Joey | Chippewa Falls Senior Session

Chippewa Falls Senior Session Andrew Samplawski Photography

It’s senior session season again. Every year, I’m excited to see the new crop of young people getting ready to enter adulthood, and every year, I’m impressed with the kids I get to meet. This time around, I met up with Joe for a senior session at a nearby hidden location in Chippewa Falls. I loved getting to know this young man and celebrating this exciting time in his life with him.

Joey is an active senior at Cadott High School. He’s into football and basketball, so I made sure to get pictures of him wearing his jerseys to show off his love of the game. He put on his game face (and game paint) for some epic shots—looking like he was ready to take on a championship game. When taking pictures with high school seniors, I love taking the opportunity to capture their interests and passions.

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