Hello!  It’s your senior year and it is one of the most memorable life experience.

You are amazing, glamorous, and creative.  You are a Midwest senior!  There is no other time in your life quite as special as now.  This time should be cherished and captured in a truly unique way.  I’m excited to capture your youth, greatness, and individuality with a truly amazing senior photo session experience.  We’ll have lots of fun and get some amazing photos that you and your family can cherish for a lifetime.

You are a high school senior.  You are amazing.  You are talented.
Your Senior Portrait experience should be no less.


The ASP Experience is ONE-of-a-KIND – just like you!  We want to capture your senior portraits in a way that reflects your PERSONALITY, STYLE, and UNIQUENESS!

Basic:  30 minutes \ 1 clothing change, 1 location – yearbook photo

Elite:  60 minutes \ 2-3 clothing changes, 2 locations – yearbook photo – downtown urban

Master:  90 minutes \ 3-4 clothing changes, 2 locations – yearbook photo – bring your sports gear, car, pet, instrument or prom gown

\Ask about our Extreme Sport Add-On\ Because I want you as an Andrew Samplawski high school senior to have bad ass senior pictures… if you are a sports athlete – you definitely want to make the Extreme Sport Add-On a part of your session!

Top 10 Reasons to Book Andrew Samplawski Photography

10.  You saw your pictures brother’s pictures taken by another photographer. It wasn’t what was intended.

9.  I definitely don’t use a cell phone to take the senior pictures like some others… nor is it just a nice camera. It’s me telling the camera what to do, and putting you in the best light.

8.  You know when your friends see your pictures… they are going to be a little j-e-a-l-o-u-s because they are AWESOME!

7.  You convinced your mom to let you come here… but she thinks it was her idea. You just scored big with your mom and we love you for it!

6.  You can bring your own iPod for your senior portrait session… or CDs if you still buy them. Pick your own Genre… I always am up for some new tunes!

5.  Having Andrew Samplawski Photography as your high school photographer is like being a model for Hollister… um, except for the money part. I like to make you look like one of those models when you come in for your senior portraits.

4.  You’re gorgeous (for the girls) and handsome (for the guys). You know you look amazing already so why take that extra chance and not have amazing senior pics.

3.  I’m all about staying ahead of the trends… keeping it fresh and creative! I don’t like creating the same image, EVER! It’s got to be the ADHD or something… let’s get out and have some FUN!

2.  Did the last word say FUN… that’s right. let loose… live life… spoil yourself… and more to come! I can’t tell all of my secrets of how we create AWESOME, FUN, ONE-OF-A-KIND senior pictures and give you an experience… other photographers will then steal our ideas. Give us that chance… book your session. You know you want to…

Last but not least… (hear the drum roll)… and the most important, Number 1 reason you should choose Andrew Samplawski Photography is….

1.  You don’t want your senior pictures to suck!


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Graduation Cards - Announcements

Because you deserve to pick a design you love… I have created a website for you to view all of our Grad Card designs.  Click here to check out the latest designs so you can have an awesome card for the graduation party!

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We now offer Extreme Sports photography!  Click on the video below to learn more!