What To Ask Your Photographer BEFORE Hiring Them!

Did you know that you are allowed to ask your potential photographer questions BEFORE hiring them!? It’s important to ask certain questions prior to hiring so that expectations are clear on all ends. Communication is key especially when it comes to service based transactions.

Questions to ask your photographer

So before hiring your photographer, ask them these five nitty gritty questions that people often times forget! 

1. Do you have insurance?

For example, if a client of mine were to get injured on a photo shoot from let’s say tripping in a field of grass or having an allergic reaction to our surroundings, I as a photographer / business owner would be protected insuring that my client and I won’t end up in a legal battle. No one wants that!

2. What is your rescheduling policy? 

This varies from photographer to photographer. Some may only allow you to reschedule once, and others may let you keep rescheduling as long as they have that deposit! So if life gets crazy for you or are worried about possibly getting sick prior to your session, double check with the photographer what their policy is to avoid any disappointments! 

Do this before you book with a photographer

3. How many digital files will I receive? 

Again, this varies from photographer to photographer. Post production is A LOT of work! More work than most people realize. And editing hundreds of photos is just not realistic unfortunately. This number may also vary on the type of session. For example, my wedding clients receive more images than my seniors because a wedding is a full day event with lots of moments to capture- posed and candid. So make sure you’re happy with the amount of files you will receive back, and if you feel like you will want even more than what they offer, ask if you can pay extra for more edited images! 

4. How would you describe your style as a photographer?

This is important to ask because if you like light and airy photos, but your photographer would describe themselves as moody or dramatic, then you may not be a good fit for each other! Remember, don’t hire a photographer and expect them to change their style of shooting and editing for you, hire a photographer who shoots and edits with the same style that you like! You will be much happier with the end result! I promise! 

Questions for your photographer

5. Can I see a whole album from a past session? 

And last but certainly not least… ask your photographer to see a full album / gallery from a previous session! This one is a must! When you find a photographer on Instagram, you are only seeing the best of the best images – their absolute favorites! You are going to want to see more than just the highlights, especially if you are looking for a wedding photographer. What do their candid photos look like? Is every shot the same quality? Is the same effort put into every edit? Make sure you like what you see in it’s entirety before hiring a photographer especially when it is something so special that it just can’t be recreated such as a wedding or proposal. 

Questions to ask your photographer before hiring them

Hopefully this list helps you feel better prepared as you continue your search for the perfect photographer! If you think you’ve found the right one here, then head to my contact form and let’s get these exact questions answered for you! Have more questions you would add to the list? Please feel free to comment them below! 

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